3 Reasons To Try an Electric Trike

What Is An Electric Trike?

Fruma and Marissa Mazzola of Gulfport, Florida are always up for exploring their community. So when they first saw an electric trike they realized it could provide them a cost-effective and fun way to see their town. Besides getting them outdoors, their new adult-sized electric trike has turned out to be a ton of fun for them and a great way to start conversations.

The Mazzola’s new electric transportation came from the eTrike Company, which offers both sales and rentals of several different electric tricycle models. “Our purpose is to allow people of all ages, demographics, and abilities to get out, see more, and explore life,” says founder Nick Smith. eTrike Company sells directly to consumers, retail stores and organizations.

An electric trike is much easier to ride than a regular trike since there is an electric motor, which allows you to drive without pedaling at all, or to have a boost to your pedaling from the motor (depending on the model you are using). With the eTrike you can get around town for pleasure or for errands. There’s seating for 2 adults and storage space for things like groceries, swim gear, or golf clubs.

The Future of Electric Transportation

Sales of electric vehicles have grown in the past several years, more than doubling since 2017. Electric trikes are a part of this growth trend because they are cheaper than a gas-driven vehicle and are eco-friendly. And as the Mazzolas have discovered, they are fun to use. From an environmental standpoint, there are 3 reasons to try an electric trike.

  • They reduce dependence on oil
  • They use cleaner energy than oil
  • They use a renewable resource

The Edison Electric Institute estimates that in 2 years’ time there will be more than 2 million electric vehicles in use, and electric trikes will be a growing part of that number. As people realize that they can use electric trikes for local needs, they often reduce the number of automobiles they own, reducing their transportation and insurance costs.

eTrike Company’s Electric Trike Features

The electric trikes designed by eTrike have a range of 30 miles and are battery-powered. To charge one up after use requires a standard wall plug outlet. The trike has 3 speeds, with a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour. For those with mobility issues, the trike is fully ADA compliant. And unlike an electric bike, you don’t have to worry about balancing on an electric trike.

You also don’t have to have a driver’s license to operate an electric trike. State laws about roadworthiness vary. You might find that your state requires no registration, license, or insurance to operate an electric trike. You can see how fun and easy it is to drive one of the trikes in this video of one of eTrike’s electric trikes in action.

Electric trikes are for everyone,” says Smith. “We want to encourage and support people of all ages and abilities to get outdoors and explore, and at the same time save energy and money.”

Fruma and Marissa Mazzola are doing just that, and so are other electric trike riders, too. For more information about eTrike’s models go to eTrike’s website at https://www.etrikeco.com/. You can find information about the retailers who offer rentals by contacting eTrikeCo.

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