Farm Utility Vehicles

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable solution to farm maintenance, eTrikeCo is here to help. Our electric cargo trikes are multifunctional and perfect for farm and agriculture use. Unlike traditional electric utility vehicles, eTrikes are affordable and do not require frequent maintenance. Plus, our eTrikes are tough enough to tackle rough terrain and can sustain heavy labor for years to come.

eTrikes are ideal for farming, soil sampling, crop production, ranching and more. With a powerful motor that can haul tools and supplies on inclines of up to 30 degrees and a design ideal for low visibility conditions, electric trikes offer unparalleled performance that can save you both time and money. And with no license or insurance required, you will be able to keep costs low.

What's Included?

All of our electric farm utility vehicles are designed for 5-star off-road performance. With a 30-50 mile driving range and a 30-degree climbing capacity, eTrikes are fully equipped for outdoor use. Plus, their powerful motors and light-weight lithium ion batteries make work days more efficient than ever. Built-in storage buckets provide cargo space for soil, tools, seeds, and any other supplies you may need around your property. You’ll enjoy unmatched performance and enhanced convenience if you invest in a fleet of electric trikes.

In addition, we know that safety is a top priority on farms and in agricultural facilities, so all of our models are fully equipped with powerful headlights for low visibility conditions, as well as turn signals, taillights, and a horn.



  • Eco-friendly and energy efficient
  • 30-inch-width can fit through standard door frames
  • 35-50 mile range on one single charge
  • Storage compartments for hauling tools & equipment
  • No insurance, registration, or license required to operate
  • Less expensive than a golf cart or traditional utility vehicle
  • Easy and inexpensive maintenance
  • Three wheels provide balance
  • Allows staff workers to travel long distances while hauling equipment

The Benefits of Electric Trikes

The biggest benefit of eTrikes is that they can do anything a standard electric utility vehicle can do on a farm – but faster, and at a lower cost. eTrikes are dynamic enough to be used for day-to-day operations, hauling tools and supplies, pulling heavy loads, and inspecting your crops. Despite their performance, they’re still agile enough to fit into most standard doors.

Not only that, but they’re much more affordable. Electric trikes require no fuel or oil and minimal maintenance, and because they are mechanically simpler, our eTrikes are cheaper than most gas-powered utility vehicles. Since they consume electricity instead of fossil fuels, they’re more environmentally-friendly. This is better for your farm or agricultural property, and better for the rest of the environment, too.