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E-trikes are electric motorized tricycles that provide an economical and environmentally sustainable form of transportation.

Electric trikes are a perfect choice for your industry or business if you want to give your customers or employees an efficient and green driving experience with all the speed, power, and thrill of a standard utility or passenger vehicle.

After all, when it comes to corporations and brands hoping to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, anything eco-friendly is something worth investing in.


How Electric Trikes Are Being Used Across Industries

The size of the global Electric Trike Market was estimated to be around
USD 2,678.28 Million in 2020. And at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 27.39%, it is expected to reach USD 11,450.71 Million by 2026. Let’s look at a few sectors that use e-trikes:

Retirement Homes

Electric trikes are perfect for retirement homes because they allow seniors to be socially active or run errands without exerting themselves or putting undue pressure on their feet.

Police and First Responders

When you’re a police officer or first responder, the ability to get where the action is crucial. eTrikes are lightweight and have small footprints, making them ideal for navigating narrow or tight spaces where most cars and motorcycles can’t go. They can even fit into most doorways!

The NYFD now routinely uses eTrikeCo’s electric bikes because of their agility and ability to navigate confined areas and heavy traffic. Their durability and all-terrain functionality make them ideal for patrolling. Plus, they have a sharp turning radius and can be parked anywhere making them more versatile than police cars, fire trucks, or other large first responder vehicles.

Golf courses and Bike Rental Shops

Electric trikes are fun and comfortable for golfers looking for something different than the standard golf cart. They are also popular with tourists and young adults looking to rent bikes when on vacation.


Resorts can also offer their guests electric trikes to use while they are on the property, allowing them to travel easily between different areas of the resort or to visit nearby tourist attractions that may be difficult to reach on foot.

To help their guests see and explore everything Sedona offers, high-end resort Ambiente Resort in Arizona offers eTrikeCo’s electric trikes for use.

Benefits of Having Your Own Electric Trike Fleet

If you own a business that relies on a fleet of vehicles but are looking to save money on gas, maintenance, and insurance costs, the answer is simple. Go electric with e-trikes.

Here’s why:

  • They are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • No hassles about gas, pollution, or parking tickets
  • No special license is required for their purchase or use
  • Includes a USB charging port for convenience
  • Easy to navigate – has a sharp turning radius and can fit in tight spaces
  • Has generous storage space compared to other alternatives
  • Is an environmentally friendly option

That’s not all. They also have passive income potential. Here’s how:

  • Rent them out to tourists, guests, or employees – Offering etrike rentals is a great way to provide value and convenience to your employees, guests, or members at a resort, golf course, or retirement community.
  • Lease them out to other businesses – Many companies are interested in using eBikes as part of their corporate wellness programs. Leasing or renting out your fleet is a great way to make money while marketing your company.

Become an eTrikeCo Dealer

Are you ready to join the eTrikeCo family?

You’ll agree that eTrikes and mopeds are more than just a mode of transportation — they’re also a way for businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint. If you want to be a moped dealer and you’re looking for an American Electric Trike supplier, we offer a variety of products to fit any need. Choose from our passenger & mobility, sport & performance, or cargo & utility eTrikes.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s e-ride!

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