Business Applications

eTrikes offer numerous benefits to businesses:

  • Cost effective alternative to gas powered vehicles and other electric transport options
  • Long range of 50 miles on a single charge
  • ADA compliant including narrow 30 inch width which allows entry through standard doorways
  • Two seats plus space for carrying equipment or gear
  • Rear seat converts to flatbed on various models for maximum storage
  • Eco-friendly and pollution-free transport solution
  • Low maintenance
  • Fun and easy transport for your customers or guests
  • Great for employees requiring efficient and low cost movement on property

eTrikes are in successful application in industries including:

  • Commercial and corporate campuses
  • Medical facilities
  • Security and police
  • Marinas
  • Government facilities
  • Wineries and farms
  • Golf cart, scooter and bike shops
  • Tourist rentals

eTrikeCo offers bulk pricing. Please contact us at or 844-874-5326, Ext. 703 to learn more about how eTrikes can benefit your company.