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eTrikeCo has Electric Trikes and Mopeds for Sale In-Store and Online

eTrikeCo is an electric scooter wholesale supplier based in the USA with a passion for providing an eco-friendly transportation solution to riders of all ages and abilities. We offer the best electric scooters on the market, along with top-notch customer service you won’t find anywhere else. Electric scooters are a practical investment, and if you’re looking to purchase these amazing scooters at wholesale prices, eTrikeCo is the place to go for wholesale electric scooters and mopeds. Electric trikes and scooters are eco-friendly, easy to drive, and can handle various types of terrain with ease. eTrikeCo provides today’s consumer with a fun, affordable, accessible transportation alternative for riders of all abilities. eTrikes aren’t just perfect for biking or walking paths, these trendy transporters are the newest method of getting where you need to go in both urban and outdoor or natural landscapes.

These trikes are perfect for work and play, and with an all-electric propulsion system there’s no gasoline required, meaning reduced operating costs and reduced emissions. Virtually zero carbon footprint makes this a wise choice for today’s active consumer, and a great option for eco-conscious companies that need a smart transportation alternative. eTrikeCo is thrilled to provide a product with an attractive, modern design that offers the look and feel of a moped without the need of a driver’s license, registration, or insurance that can be enjoyed by riders of all ages and abilities. What could be better than a ride that’s fun for the consumer, good for the environment, and safer than other two-wheel transportation options out there? eTrikes offer numerous benefits to businesses:

  • Cost effective alternative to gas powered vehicles and other electric transport options
  • Long range of 35-50 miles on a single charge
  • Narrow 30 inch width which allows entry through standard doorways
  • Two seats plus space for carrying equipment or gear
  • Rear seat converts to flatbed on various models for maximum storage
  • Eco-friendly and pollution-free transport solution
  • Low maintenance
  • Fun and easy transport for your customers or guests
  • Great for employees requiring efficient and low cost movement on property

eTrikes offer today’s active consumer the chance to travel where a regular vehicle can’t, giving them the opportunity for new adventures. These tough little scooters can traverse surfaces as smooth as a sidewalk, paved path, or bike lane, but can also easily take on rural walking paths, roads, and trails. eTrikes can safely take on any hard, flat, compact paved or natural surface – even sand, gravel, and grass. In other words, anywhere a bicycle can go, an eTrike can go! That can’t be said for a regular golf cart. Because many of our eTrike models are designed to serve as ADA mobility devices, they can access any building entrance designed for wheelchair access. eTrikes can be plugged into any standard 110v wall outlet, so charging is never a problem.

With useful features like storage compartments, turn signals, lights, speakers, a horn, and a cell phone holder with USB charging port, the consumer has everything they need to hit the road. Parking an eTrike is never a problem, as any standard bicycle stand, or parking spot can accommodate these practical scooters. eTrikes have three speed settings, with a top speed of 18 mph, more businesses are turning to eTrikes as their preferred method of transportation. Check out these industries that are beginning to discover the benefits of eTrikes:

For electric scooter & moped wholesale fleet inquiries contact us at info@etrikeco.com or 844-874-5326, Ext. 703 to learn more about how eTrikes can benefit your company. eTrikeCo offers bulk pricing for businesses.