Electric Cargo Trikes & Bicycles

Wholesale Electric Utility Scooters

eTrikeCo offers a variety of wholesale opportunities for malls, restaurants, retail shops, office buildings, hospitals, schools, churches, resorts and corporate campuses and more! Our electric cargo trikes and bicycles are designed to meet the demands of your business at an affordable price.

With eTrikeCo, you can feel confident enough to tackle the toughest challenges, all while doing it in style. And the best part is, you don’t need a special license or registration! Call now to learn more about our wholesale pricing and special offers.

What’s Included?

Our electric cargo trikes are extremely versatile. Much like other UTV’s, eTrikes are built for heavy duty lifting and 5-star off-road performance. The difference is, ours come at a fraction of the price. Electric utility scooters are ideal for farming, landscaping, or any time you need help getting around your property. All eTrikes come with one or two built-in storage buckets that are spacious enough to hold large tools and coolers. Plus, with a 30-degree climbing capacity and 30-50-mile driving range, no terrain is off limits.

Eco-Friendly and Affordable

eTrikeCo has created a new generation of electric utility vehicles that are affordable and good for the planet. Traditional UTV’s such as golf carts are expensive and take up too much space. eTrikes, on the other hand, can do anything a golf cart can do, but are agile enough to fit through standard doorways. With no special licensing or insurance required, our electric cargo trikes are incredibly easy to store and maintain. They come with no hidden costs or fees, so you can be sure this is a sound investment for the future.

Branding Opportunities

Show off your new eTrikes with custom decals! eTrikeCo will wrap any model with your brand name or logo to help you market your business within your community and on social media. If you’re interested in learning more about eTrikeCo’s wholesale opportunities, contact us today.

Why Choose eTrikeCo

  • Cost effective (less expensive than golf carts, cars, or ATVs)
  • Reduces the carbon emission footprint of your business
  • Allows maintenance and landscape workers to move quickly and carry equipment
  • All eTrikes come with a rear storage bucket for holding tools, gear, and coolers
  • No insurance, registration or licensing required to operate
  • Can be custom wrapped with your brand or advertising
  • Easy and inexpensive maintenance
  • Quiet when operating