How eTrikes Compare to Golf Carts and eBikes

Your business needs the perfect electric vehicle solution. Neither eBikes nor golf carts are the right solutions for you, though—eBikes don’t offer enough flexibility, and golf carts are too much. Isn’t there something in between?

Yes! You’ve found the perfect solution in eTrikeCo.

These convenient trikes have been around the rest of the world in a similar fashion for years, but as an electric option, they’re a relatively new concept here in the States. The eTrike model is based on the designs of tuk-tuks and rickshaws like those that have been used in India, Asia, Africa, and Central and South America for generations.

The eTrike is not only convenient, but it’s also practical, safe, and fun! Plus, with eTrikeCo’s innovative technology, it’s good for the environment as well as an efficient investment for your business.

When riding an eTrike, you generally follow the same rules as when riding an eBike. These vehicles are approved for use on bike trails and paths, bike lanes, sidewalks, and residential streets while going up to 30mph. (Make sure to check local jurisdictions in your areas of business.)

eTrikeCo’s electric tricycles are unique and appealing because they are new to the United States transportation landscape but not new to the rest of the world. Tuk Tuk’s and Rickshaws have been used for many years in places like India, Asia, Africa and South/Central Americas. They’re practical, safe and provide a fun experience.
Let’s take a deeper dive on why eTrikeCo is the best option for you.
eTrikes generally follow the same rules to ride as eBikes. Ride bike trails and paths, residential streets up to 30mph, bike lanes on any street, and sidewalks.* (can vary depending on jurisdictions)

eTrikeCo vs. eBikes & Golf Carts

For individuals, eTrikeCo will create a lot of memories for the things you envision like getting some sunshine and fresh air while discovering your neighborhood, running local errands, dropping into the Saturday farmers market, going to the park, viewing your cities art murals and much more!

Businesses can expect a safe, affordable and efficiently high quality electric vehicle. Get the same job done at a fraction of the cost of expensive golf carts and other 4 wheel electric vehicles. Choose eTrikeCo for your electric fleet vehicles. 

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