Government Electric Trikes & Bicycles

Electric Trikes for Government Agencies

While golf carts have been the status quo for getting around government facilities and properties, they certainly don’t excel in maneuverability. Clunky golf carts rarely facilitate the tight, narrow spaces that facilities calls for when trying to get around or transport supplies. What if there was a more efficient and faster way to do so?

At eTrikeCo, our products offer a means of flexible and affordable transportation for government applications. If you’re tired of waiting for your golf cart to charge or worried about gaseous fumes harming the environment, then our electric trikes are the ideal solution. All models come equipped with chargeable long-range lithium ion batteries that allow for maximum capacity at a fraction of the cost. So why wouldn’t you want an eTrike? Our products are perfectly designed with the versatility necessary to make them the ideal form of eco-friendly transportation for any government owned facility or property. Call now or shop online to learn more.

The Benefits of Electric Trikes

When it comes to indoor and outdoor use, maneuverability is a top priority. From navigating tight doorways & hallways or outdoor docks, sidewalks & pathways and the many tight, narrow spaces that make transportation difficult, electric trikes allow you to get around with ease, even in complex environments. 

With eTrikeCo, maintenance is inexpensive and straightforward, too, providing you with a reliable means of transportation that doesn’t require much additional upkeep or expense. Many models can qualify as ADA mobility devices as well, making them an excellent option for those with disabilities or who normally have a tough time getting around. Additionally, there is no special license, insurance, or registration required for operation of most models, allowing you to reap the benefits of your new government electric trike as soon as it arrives.



  • Eco-friendly transportation to help reduce carbon footprint 
  • Narrow for easy maneuverability 
  • Ride for up to 30-50 miles on a single charge
  • Powerful enough to climb 20-degree inclines
  • Most models come with two seats to accommodate two riders
  • Storage compartments for hauling gear or light equipment
  • No insurance, registration, or license required to operate most models
  • Equipped with headlight, taillights, turn signals, horn and mirrors
  • Less expensive than a golf cart
  • Little to no maintenance to operate 
  • Three wheels provide good balance
  • Provide easy transportation outdoor and indoor
  • Allows workers to move faster than walking and can carry light equipment along

Wholesale Opportunities

While you can shop our products in-store or online, eTrikeCo also offers wholesale opportunities for governments across the US. With up to 50 miles of driving distance on a single charge and storage compartments ideal for transporting gear, groceries, supplies, or light equipment, an electric trike is a cost-effective way to provide eco-friendly transportation to staff and guests. Most eTrikes come with two seats, making them fantastic for  transportation wherever you are. Get around your campus, park or facility with comfort and ease. All models come with headlights, turn signals, horns, and taillights, providing the full scope of needs while getting around populous areas. 

Considering the versatility, cost-effectiveness, and maneuverability of government electric trikes, they are the best way for government officials to get around. If you’re interested in learning more or purchasing eTrikes to enhance your work experience, contact us today by calling (844) 874-5326 or email info@etrikeco.com.