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Independence is close to everyone’s heart. And the eTrikes and eBikes from eTrikeCo represent the freedom of the road given a very modern twist. Producing zero emissions, eTrikes are eco friendly, so you can do good while you go. This doesn’t mean that performance is compromised in any way. Our trikes are designed to run on bike lanes and trails, as well as sidewalks and residential streets. Most models allow you to travel a distance of between 30 and 50 miles on a single charge, and they have a top speed of between 18 and 25 miles an hour. Plus, to help you carry life’s essentials, our eTrikes have lots of storage space for your bags and gear.

A lot of our standard model eTrikes are compliant with the rules set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This includes being 30-inches wide so you can get through standard doorways and means you can use your eTrikeCo eTrike as an ADA-compliant mobility device.

You want them to look good and we’ve done our best to make sure they do. Think a pinch of classic American motorcycle with a dash of stylish Italian moped. You will look and feel good riding an eTrike. We have created models to meet every possible need, whether you’re using your eTrike for running errands, leisure trips, or utility work.

Our eBike range lets you make molehills out of mountains. We have five models of eBikes, and four hybrid vehicles, which will give you the legs of an Olympic cyclist without needing the years of training. As you will usually be adding a little leg power yourself, eBikes really opens up the distance you can travel on a bicycle. Our two pedal eTrikes combine the distance of an eBike with the carrying potential of a standard eTrike. Then there are our moped-style eTrike, the pedal-free eBike, and a kick scooter options.

Our eTrikes are affordable to buy (we also offer competitive finance options) and extremely economical to run. That’s because you can charge them using a standard United States 110-volt wall outlet. So, not only do you not have to fill them up with gas, but also they require very little maintenance. And, you don’t need a driver’s licence, insurance or vehicle registration to have an eTrike adventure, just as long as you’re 16-years-old or over.

You will be impressed by our five-star customer service. All our eTrikes get a 12 month warranty, and you can even return your eTrike within the five days if you’re not happy. Plus, we’re always here to provide after sales support. Drop us a line at support@etrikeco.com or call 844-874-5326 ext. 703 with a repair request.

America is a nation on the move and we believe that eTrikes are the next phase in transport. With zero carbon emissions and a very low running cost, they are the perfect way to travel the 40-mile a day distance made by the average American. We’re sure you’ll be impressed our amazing range of eTrikes, whatever your age or needs.

  • Classified like an eBike – ride in bike lanes, on sidewalks, residential streets and bike trails
  • 35-50 mile battery range per one single charge
  • 18mph speed
  • No gas, license, registration, insurance required to operate
  • Maintenance free
  • Affordable and economical
  • Storage compartment and baskets for bags and light gear
  • No pedaling required
  • Fun and easy to operate

Features: All eTrikes include, as standard equipment, headlights, taillights, turn signals & horn. Fabric sun shade top can be added to the ETR300 and ETR400 at an additional cost.

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