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At eTrikeCo, we’re a trustworthy neighborhood electric vehicle supplier that is determined to change the game in the electric vehicle industry by providing a host of solutions which includes quality products and great customer service that will meet the needs of different businesses across various sectors.

We begin by providing high quality lithium performance Ev’s that have great efficiency, affordable cost of operation, and long lasting battery life. Our selection of neighborhood electric vehicles for sale include maintenance free electric power trains for pollution free transportation.

Battery range: 65 miles

Battery weight: LifePo4 145lbs. Lead acid 300lbs.

Annual electric cost: $72.90

Energy used: 1.35Kwh

Information based on our standard ETR100C, ETR200C and ETR300U models.

Our EV's maintain high standards

Imagine a world with everything electric and refined

Our mission to reduce the world’s carbon emission footprint by replacing gas-powered fleets with new lithium technology EV fleets has driven us to develop three and four wheel electric neighborhood vehicles that will serve the right purpose across all sectors. These electric vehicles are the result of years of manufacturing expertise, customer feedback, and EU testing. 

Top Features of eTrikeCo’s EV’s

High Efficiency Charging System | LCD Digital Display Panel | Lightweight | Customizations Available | All-Weather Road Tires | LED Lighting | Reverse Camera | Comfortable Driver Bucket Seat

eTrikeCo’s electric vehicles are specifically produced for people and businesses that need a high level of quality, performance, and reliability to function. The vehicles are built to handle a variety of tasks in different industries that include last mile delivery, public sector such as universities, healthcare centers, parks, and facility management including  warehouses, resorts, stadiums, events, club houses and more.
Our Electric Utility Vehicles are made of an extremely solid construction steel frame, standard full-optional out-fittings, and some of our models have customizable options including motor power, battery size, length, enclosed or open rear cargo space, rear or side door position in cargo space, disc/drum brake and color. 

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