eTrikes for Security, Police and Military


  • Operate in many conditions (see below for standard equipment)
  • More approachable to the public than a police car or a horse
  • Reduce budget expenditures (less expensive than golf carts, motorcycles, or horses)
  • Travel 35-50 miles with one single charge to the battery
  • No insurance, registration or licensing needed to operate
  • Storage compartments that bikes and scooters do not have
  • Narrow (30 inches wide) can fit in standard doorways and tight spaces
  • Low operational and maintenance costs
  • Balances well (three wheels for balance)
  • Quiet for operations in neighborhoods or at night
  • USB Port equipped
  • Can carry two officers (two seats)
  • Can be used for crowd patrol at outdoor festival, sporting events and concerts
  • Eco-friendly way to patrol and serve your community

Features: All eTrikes include, as standard equipment, headlights, taillights, turn signals & horn. Fabric sun shade top available at an additional cost.

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