Light Electric Vehicles for the Public Sector


Looking for an easy way to upgrade your vehicle fleet without overspending on the cost of expensive golfcarts, UTV’s and other gas powered vehicles? Or reducing the requirement of frequent maintenance? Then eTrikeCo is here to help. Parks, Municipalities, Healthcare, Universities and much more are benefitting from our high quality and affordable low speed electric vehicles. Their small footprint makes them versatile and flexible enough to maneuver though large crowds and tight spaces both indoor and out. Our easy-to-use electric trikes and four wheel vehicles offer optimal performance and durability to operate in all types of weather conditions and terrains. Applications such as patrolling, moving goods or employees, providing guest transportation, and more, eTrikeCo has an option for you. Our most popular models for this sector have been the ETR40, ETR80, ETR300, ETR100C, and ETR300U.

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