Electric Security Vehicles from eTrikeCo

The Benefits of Electric Trikes

Looking for an easy way to upgrade your security fleet without overspending on the cost of frequent maintenance? Then eTrikeCo is here to help. We offer affordable wholesale pricing on our line of electric security trikes and electric police bikes, allowing you to save time and money on licensing, insurance, and other bureaucratic expenditures. First responders, military officials, security teams, and police officers all qualify for this special offer. Give us a call today at (844) 874-5326 to learn more about partnering with us.

Why Choose eTrikeCo

You need a vehicle that can do it all. It needs to be versatile enough to patrol large crowds, yet flexible enough to maneuver through tight spaces. It also needs some form of storage and an outlet to charge devices and maintain fleet connectivity. Luckily, our easy-to-use electric trikes offer the optimal level of performance you are looking for. All eTrike models are able to travel 35-50 miles on a single battery charge and are durable enough to use in all weather conditions on most types of terrain – a far better alternative to bicycles and golf carts, which are limited in their abilities.

Equipped with a USB Port, storage compartments that scooters and traditional police bikes lack, and space for two officers, our versatile fleet vehicles are the ideal for diverse situations and unstable terrain. Maintenance and operational costs are low, too, as all models come with rechargeable, long-lasting batteries. When you partner with eTrikeCo, we’re helping you save money while also doing good for the environment. Plus, our electric security vehicles allow you to preserve the physical energy spent riding a regular bike and offer a compact and stylish alternative to clunky golf carts.

Whether you are patrolling sandy beaches, residential streets, or areas with paved concrete and bike paths, eTrikes will get your staff exactly where they need to be.


  • More approachable to the public than a police car or a horse
  • Reduce budget (less expensive than golf carts, motorcycles, or horses)
  • Travel 35-50 miles with one single charge to the battery
  • No insurance, registration or licensing needed to operate
  • Equipped with headlight, taillights, turn signals, horn and mirrors
  • Storage compartments that bikes and scooters do not have
  • Narrow (30 in wide); can fit in standard doorways and tight spaces
  • Low operational and maintenance costs
  • Balances well (three wheels for balance)
  • Quiet for operations in neighborhoods or at night
  • USB Port included
  • Can accommodate two riders (two seats)

Real World Applications & Custom Decals

eTrikes can be used in various ways and are great for patrolling private areas and local neighborhoods. Their maneuverability makes them ideal for crowd patrols at sporting events, outdoor festivals, or concerts. Additionally, their quite motor make them suitable for night patrols as well. eTrikes can be implemented to bolster any campus security, beach security, or mall security teams. They are cost-effective and durable investments that’ll provide your staff with the autonomy needed to provide timely and professional responses to any calls. We can also tailor any eTrike model to your company name and logo, so you can keep branding consistent across your entire fleet.