The ETR200C is your solution for lifestyle and business. This mini car can be used for a multitude of different applications. For personal use things like farmers market, errands, beach trips, commuting and neighborhood parks are a great fit! For business & government the ETR200C can provide solutions for patrolling, ride share, maintenance, parks & rec, corporate campus & military bases. Comes with a 1 year warranty. Delivery time is 30 days for in stock product. Delivered fully assembled and ready to ride.

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Yes, we are eTrikeCo and we mostly design, manufacture and sell eTrikes, but here we decided to break all our rules and create a four-wheeler.

The ETR200C is a fully enclosed, electric four-wheel passenger car for those that prefer their eTrike with an extra wheel! You can take on the best and the worst weather as this eCar is fully enclosed and has both a heater and AC. When the sun is out you can also use the sunroof, and we’ve fitted a defogger (not to mention a windshield wiper) for when the sun does not have his hat on.

All your journeys will be improved by a little music and the ETR200C has an MP3 player and radio so you can add some tunes (or your favorite podcast) to your journey. You can travel up to 28mph and the battery has a generous 50-55 mile range on one charge, which should be enough to cover most of your day-to-day travel, considering the average American travels around 30 miles a day. And when you get home, a rear camera improves your parking experience.

Yes, this is a electric four-wheel passenger car, but can also be used as a ADA mobility device and you don’t need a driver’s license, car insurance or registration to drive it in most US states (although we suggest you double check in your local jurisdiction). There are no foot pedals, everything is operated on hand controls. The ETR200C works well for security companies and first responders, as well as on military bases. We also recommend this vehicle for golf cart rental outlets and dealers, and senior and disability mobility device dealers.




7.5ft x 3.6ft x 5.3ft


880 Pounds


2000W DC Brushless

Driving Method

Rear Differential


6061 Aluminum Alloy


60V80Ah Lithium Ion
Battery Life: 2-3 Years at Full Capacity
Charger: AC 71.4V 5.0A
Charging Time: Up To 8 Hours


60V80Ah 2000W Brushless


Hydraulic Disc


Rim Type: Aluminum Alloy



Additional Information

Climbing Capability: 20º
Maximum Load: 700 Pounds
Maximum Speed: 28 Miles Per Hour
Maximum Range: 50-55 Miles

Built-In Features

LCD Display, Reverse Camera, Alarm, Electric Windows & Locks, Radio/MP3 Player, Turn Signals, Horn, Headlight, Taillights & Mirrors.


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