The ETR400HT is powered by a maintenance free lithium battery and brushless DC motor. Comes standard with a roof and rain curtains can be added for weather protection. Delivery can take up to 30 days for in stock product. All eTrikeCo products come with a full (1) one year warranty.

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Prepare to live a more adventurous life, come rain or shine in the ETR400HT. The roof keeps the sun and light rain off, and you can add rain covers on the sides if it’s really pouring down. Add a large storage box to the back of your trike so you can bring your belongings with you.

The stylish and eco-friendly battery-powered ETR400HT has a large 50-mile range and a top speed of 20 miles per hour. And you don’t need a driver’s license, registration, insurance or gas for your personal electric adventure.

As the ETR400HT is ADA certified, you can use it as a senior or disability vehicle. At eTrikeCo, we also recommend this eTrike for senior facilities and retirement communities. Golf cart dealers will find it a unique alternative golf cart. And it is also a great fit for security guards, first responders, and military bases.


Red and Black


6.2 x 2.6 x 5.4 Feet


265 Pounds


800W DC Brushless Motor


Aluminum Alloy


Battery: 72V40Ah Lithium
Battery Life: 2-3 Years
Charger: AC 70V5Ah
Charging Time: Up To 8 Hours


70V40Ah 800W Brushless


Hydraulic Disc


Rim Type: Aluminum Alloy


4.5 Feet


3.00-10 Tubeless

Additonal Information

Climbing Capability: 15º
Maximum Load: 300 Pounds
Maximum Speed: 20MPH
Maximum Range: 50 Miles

Built-In Features

LCD Display, Turn Signals, Horn, Headlight, Taillights, Fenders, Mirrors & Roof


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