The ETRiLark is a foldable electric three wheel trike designed for easy stow away and transport. It has a top speed of 15mph and a battery range of about 25 miles. It is the perfect eTrike for theme parks, city life, indoors, and trails with compact natural surface. Comes with a 1 year warranty. Delivery time is up to 30 days for in stock product. Delivered fully assembled and ready to ride.

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Mobility really is the name of the game with the ETR-iLark from eTrikeCo. Both lightweight and foldable, this eTrike really opens up the possibilities for adventures.

Being foldable, the ETR-iLark really extends your range. You can head off to explore your favorite trail or city with your ETR-iLark in your trunk or on the back of your pickup. The front storage box means you will have space for all your journey essentials. And of course, foldability means it’ll take up less space at home.

The front wheels are fitted with independent suspension and separate axles, which makes for increased stability and responsiveness. Two axles mean you can lean in ­– and have much more speed and control – when taking corners. You’ll feel much steadier on the eTrike because one wheel will travel over bumps and obstructions, while the other remains planted firmly on the flat. It is also much easier to judge whether you can fit through a narrow gap on the ETR-iLark as the widest part of the eTrike is right in front of your eyes.

Best suited to compact surfaces and even gentle trails, the ETR-iLark has a top speed of 15 mph, powered by a 300W Bosch rear-hub motor. A throttle allows you to maintain sensitive power control. You can explore within a 20-mile range on account of its 48V 15AH Samsung lithium-ion battery.

As the ETR-iLark can be used as an ADA mobility device, at eTrikeCo we recommend this model for senior and disability mobility scooter dealers and rental shops, as well as for bike and scooter dealers. You need no license, registration, nor insurance to ride the ETR-iLark. And you can start your adventure without having to make a trip to the gas station, because you can charge your ETR-iLark on a standard US power point as found at home.




3.7 x 1.7 x 3.6 Feet


70 Pounds


300W Bosch

Driving Method

Front Independent Suspension


6061 Aluminum Alloy


48V15AH 300W Smart


Hydraulic Disc


Rim Type: Aluminum Alloy


1.50-8 Inches


Battery Type: 48V 15AH Samsung Lithium Ion
Battery Life: 2-3 Years
Charger: 48V3A
Charge Time: 5-6 Hours

Additional Information

Maximum Climbing Capacity: 15º
Maximum Load: 220 Pounds
Maximum Speed: 16 Miles Per Hour
Maximum Range: 20 Miles

Built-In Features

LCD Display, Front Storage, Headlight, Taillight, Fenders and Alarm


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