eTrikes for Active Retirees and Retirement Community Mobility


Are you an active retiree? Retirement shouldn’t mean you have to stay at home and miss out on the fun and adventure of being in the great outdoors! If you’ve been looking for a way to get out more, whether you’re at home or living in a retirement community, you need an eTrike! An increase in age shouldn’t mean a decrease in mobility, and with eTrikes, it doesn’t. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

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Features: All eTrikes include, as standard equipment, headlights, taillights, turn signals & horn. Fabric sun shade top available at an additional cost. 

Get out and see your city, visit places you’ve always wanted to go, get together with friends or get involved in your community, and enjoy the freedom a senior electric trike can offer you. Don’t wait another day to take advantage of the versatility and dependability of an eTrike.

If you’re a retirement community owner or administrator, purchasing eTrikes for your community’s use can be a great way to offer your residents some much needed stimulation by giving them the means to get outdoors and be active. Sometimes if you have a disability, a basic scooter may not be able to accommodate your needs. But with an easy-to-use eTrike, you can go just about anywhere. Give your residents the gift of freedom today!

  • Can be ridden on sidewalks, bike lanes, bike trails and residential streets. Paved, unpaved, dirt path or gravel – there’s almost nowhere you can’t go with an eTrike!
  • Requires no insurance, registration, or licensing to operate
  • Three wheels provide balance easier than a bicycle – no worries about traversing uneven terrain with an eTrike!
  • Easy to get on and off – simple mount and dismount makes it easy to hop on and go!
  • Less expensive than a golf cart but still carries two to three people – easily take a friend along for the ride
  • Can eliminate the need for a second car – save on gasoline and maintenance costs!
  • Storage compartments for gear or shopping bags – hit the beach, the mall, or the boardwalk and never have to carry extra equipment or packages
  • Equipped with a USB port – explore with confidence. Keep tour phone charged while you are on the go.
  • ADA mobility devices – enjoy retirement community mobility with an eTrike that meets ADA requirements
  • Several models have a narrow 30-inch width can fit into a standard doorway or tight spaces – enjoy easy access to public places and buildings with the slim profile of an eTrike
  • Mobile eTrike maintenance provided
  • Standard safety features built in (see below for standard equipment list)