Electric Trikes for Seniors & Active Retirees

What Is An Electric Trike?

An electric trike is our take on an outdoor mobility scooter. These three-wheeled scooters are powered by an electric motor, and unlike traditional models, can be driven on any type of terrain. At eTrikeCo, our products allow riders to freely explore their neighborhoods without a special license or insurance.

If you have a disability, a basic scooter may not be able to accommodate your needs. But with an easy-to-use eTrike, you can go just about anywhere. Plus, our models are provided at a fraction of the regular cost of other outdoor mobility scooters on the market. All in all, electric trikes offer the perfect opportunity to those seeking more freedom in their daily lives.

If you are an active member of your retirement community, you may be looking for more ways to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. eTrikeCo offers ADA compliant electric scooters at affordable prices. If you’d like to try an eTrike before you buy, visit one of our showrooms for a test ride! We also offer financing with as low as 0% APY 

Wholesale Opportunities with eTrikeCo

If you’re a retirement community owner or administrator, purchasing electric trikes for senior residents can be a great way to offer them some much needed stimulation and access to the outdoors. Call now or email us for more information about wholesale opportunities and to give your residents the gift of freedom!



  • Battery operated and easy to charge
  • Requires no insurance, registration, or licensing to operate
  • Three wheels provide steady balance 
  • Low step platform making it easy to mount and dismount
  • Less expensive than a traditional mobility scooter, yet still accommodates two to three riders
  • Multiple storage options for personal items or shopping bags
  • Equipped with headlight, taillights, turn signals, horn and mirrors
  • Several models have a narrow 30-inch width that can fit through a standard doorway & tight spaces – enjoy easy access to public places and buildings