eTrikeCo’s story is created by your stories – the experiences and adventures you have on your eTrike battery-powered rides. It’s important to us that no matter your age or ability you are able to get outside, see more and explore life.

To help you do that, we’ve designed the only electric tricycle (eTrike) that sits two people and gives you space for shopping bags, sports equipment, handbags, or other gear. We’ll get you where you want to go locally, without worrying about parking spaces and traffic. And we’ll save you the cost of a golf cart or car, too.

Its our goal to give you the best eco-friendly ride available, so we provide top notch designs, great customer service, sales to consumers and businesses, and rental opportunities from our base in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Contact us at or 727-432-4738 or 707-343-1192. See our eTrikes on Instagram, or follow us on facebook.

eTrikeCo was founded in 2018 by CEO Nick Smith. Find out more about Nick on LinkedIn.

Howard Sapper is the Director of West Coast Operations. Find out more about Howard on LinkedIn.

We provide you with a fun, economical, and eco-friendly ride. Let us hear from you with your questions.