eTrikeCo’s mission is to allow people of all ages, demographics and abilities to get out, see more and explore life. eTrikeCo was developed with the idea that our products will positively impact and enhance the tourism and transportation industries.We’ve built our electric transporters with the environment in mind assisting to reduce the carbon emissions footprint of the United States while providing riders an exciting way to get around. Our ETR series eTrikes are ADA compliant accessible to everyone…young & old, families or singles, able-bodied or disabled, city or country dwellers – all can come along for the ride. Our Diablo eBikes are built for individual warriors looking for an exhilarating experience on natural or paved surfaces. We are on a mission to continue designing, building and supporting high quality, diverse and affordable products that support our vision of getting more people outdoors. eTrikeCo is working hard to provide riders with the best experience through exceptional customer support, expert staff and thoughtful design. We currently offer a fun rental experience in Northern California and Central Florida or the ability to purchase your own so that you can experience the outdoors in a unique and riveting way.

Our company is comprised of avid eBike enthusiasts, outdoor adventurists, product designers, entrepreneurs and disability advocates with a passion of mixing business and pleasure! Our design team is located in Oakland California and over the past two years, we have finalized our product line carefully hand electing the best components to provide the products we carry today.