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joseph stortsjoseph storts
19:57 15 Jun 22
It's been a delight having Flash in our lives! Christmas was such fun in our community!
bernardo bookhartbernardo bookhart
16:54 04 Jun 22
Go see Nick and Nela at eTrike. I bought a nice scooter from them. I go to home Depot, trader Joe's Publix and Rollin oats and everywhere else. I charge it every Friday night and it last me a week. It's great.
Terri BenedictTerri Benedict
17:13 21 May 22
I bought this sweet little etrike to get around my park. It has been wonderful. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Everyone stops me and asks about it. It's life changing! I'm free to go about. Vroom Vroom beep beep 😁. Nella has been wonderful to work with. 😀
Kent CoffmanKent Coffman
18:22 08 Apr 22
Just bought our ETR400HT a few days ago from the Etrike Co store. Nick was wonderful. We live in the Gulfport fla. Area and have already gone on trips to St pete beach, and Treasure island for lunch. Legal to ride on the bike trails so basically unlimited adventure. And 20+ MPH.Very easy to take battery out and charge in the condo or any 110v outlet. No plates, and expensive insurance like a street legal golfcart requires. Thanks Nick!!
Maggie CarterMaggie Carter
17:52 17 Jul 21
This was absolutely one of the best parts of our Florida vacation! My only suggestion is to pay for the longer rental. We only did a 2-hour rental, and it just wasn’t enough time. The staff is friendly and helpful. The trikes are beautiful and well-maintained. It was such a blast! Even my 17-year old son loved it.
Dean SchermerhornDean Schermerhorn
18:37 04 Jan 21
I purchased the trike from Nick and eTrikeCo - sight unseen - a couple of months ago, and was glad I did, as they are now back ordered until summer. After taking delivery last week, (Nick personally brought the trike to my place in Dunedin), I have been out on the trike daily, sometimes three different trips. The more I use this trike the more fun I have with it.It seems to be very efficient in its battery use, and I have charged it only once after a week of use. The trike came well tricked-out, with everything I needed, and more. Great deal for the price.I had a bit of a surprise mishap last week and broke one of the brake levers...Nick ordered a replacement for me immediately and has advised he will do a "house-call" and bring it to me for replacement in the next couple of days.There are quite a few choices for places to buy these vehicles, as they increase in popularity, but I can't imagine a smoother transaction, better value, or better service than I have had with eTrikeCo. I very much recommend them.
Larry AntonLarry Anton
05:46 22 Dec 20
I purchased an electric mountain bike from eTrikeCo in March 2020. I absolutely love this high quality bike. I experienced a few problems after the initial purchase of the bike. Nick was great to work with and went above and beyond to make everything right. The customer service is excellent, courteous and expeditious. I now have over 1400 trouble free miles on this bike . I never thought that I would be riding a bike this much. Highly recommend !
Lance OlsonLance Olson
22:18 02 Nov 20
I've been riding my blue trike since January. It's great fun and a nearly ideal way to get around downtown St. Pete. It maneuvers well, and parks easily. I added a safety flag and drivers see me; most treat me well and the pickup truck compensators are avoidable. Nick has been great with answers and service as needed.
Zachariah BourneZachariah Bourne
17:27 26 Aug 20
Nick was awesome. We were super well taken care of. All issues were resolved with awesome customer service!
richard hongrichard hong
16:10 24 Aug 20
eTrikeCo has gone Above and Beyond what is expected to take care of my father's bike! Highly recommend to people who are interested in electric bike. Bought a ebike from Nick about 6 months ago for my 85 year old father. It has been the best thing for him since he can no longer drive. Couple of weeks ago, the bike stopped working. Nick picked up the bike from my dad's condo to work on the repair. It was found that my dad had crashed the bike and that probably have caused all kinds of issues. Nick determined that the bike is unrepairable and even if it was repaired it maybe unsafe due to the disrepair from the crash. Nick offered to replace or buy-out the bike. Of course, especially during this pandemic my dad relies on this for everyday travel so we took the offer of replacing it with another bike. My dad cannot be any happier with the replacement that is in much better condition. He says it looks new to him! Nick has gone above and beyond what is norm to take care of my father's problem. Knowing that my dad is happy having his mobility, I am truly thankful to Nick and his team at eTrikeco!
Mike BrownMike Brown
13:11 27 Jul 20
I purchased the blue large model with the solar roof for my wife's 79th B Day in July 2020The owners of this company are the best of the best. They have Tammy as an employee and she works as hard as the Owners They all have been just as concerned about our needs, even after we made the purchase. They will be available through your learning curve about your eTrike. I definitely recommend them for your eTrike/scooter needs. You will not be sorry. Their customer service is awesome.We needed help and the owners came to my home to answer questions and explain things to us. They are # 1! I would give them 10 stars but the scale maxes @ 5 Stars ! Thank you to The owners and Tammy....Pat & Mike
Nancy MarshallNancy Marshall
23:58 10 Jul 20
This company is the best, they have been over and above helpful as I learn about my eTrike... I definitely recommend them for you eTrike/scooter needs. You will not be sorry. Their customer service people are awesome and I needed help and Nike came right to my rescue to answer question and explain things to me !!! They are # 1 !!!!!
Empress PJ CrosbyEmpress PJ Crosby
11:57 31 May 20
The freedom I have with my eTrike, especially during this pandemic time is unmeasurable. My husband and I go for rides to get out the house, I do small shopping at the local stores, without using a drop of gas or having to recharge.My model isn’t as fast as the newer models, but I do love my eTrike. Nick, and all of his associates at the Tyrone Square Mall are so friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them.
Ronald NewmanRonald Newman
22:50 26 May 20
I bought an etrikeco at Christmas time for my wife. We were so impressed with the quality and service we received that we decided to buy two ebikes from them as well. The service has been phenomenal and I would highly recommend. For the price you can't go wrong.
Shane TomasShane Tomas
03:01 24 May 20
I purchased my eTrike about 4 months ago visiting the store at Tyrone like 4 times looking at it and asking questions before finally deciding to make the purchase. Firstly, I love this trike, I got the blue 2 seater. I live in the Kenwood area of St. Pete, work in the warehouse district and do all my shopping and errands downtown... I take the trike everywhere and for me it completely negates the need for using a car within the area. It gets a lot of looks and people stop me all the time to ask about it.Next up, The wife and husband duo running this place are AMAZING and I don’t say that lightly. Just as an example they came out to make sure my tires were fully inflated just because and the few times I’ve had a problem (self inflicted) one of them came out and fixed it usually next day. Their customer service is awesome. A few notes about it:It runs as fast as they say it does, I’m 6’4 about 285 and it moves me and my girlfriend around like a champ. I live about 2 miles from Vinoy park and can get their in 8-10 minutes. You can take it on the Pinellas trail though I prefer to stage on streets like central or Arlington. Storage is awesome , I can fold it down and load it up with $100 worth of groceries with no problem.I once even loaded up my bicycle in the back and took it to the shop. Battery life is great, I’ve never hit the 50 mile limit in a day but I’ve gone several days between charges and it’s always stayed well charged. The longest single, uninterrupted ride I’ve taken it was 6-7 miles from Tyrone square to Kenwood. If you get one you will get a lot of questions about it people talk to me about it when I’m out but some people walking past my apartment have stopped and asked me about it. I could go on about how happy I am with my trike but I’ll end with this, this isn’t something just for older people, I’m a millennial and it’s perfect for me, again I love work and play in the urban core of St. Pete, I don’t own a car and I get by just fine with this. I’m not saying give up your car, there are obvious advantages to a car, but if you’re like me and you’re someone who is a minimalist and cares about the environment... go for it. We can start an Etrike squad!
Peter ObersonPeter Oberson
16:56 23 May 20
I bought the ETR100 (the blue one). What a great trike for cruising around the neighborhood and beyond. There is plenty of power to ride 2 people. I would recommend this unit to be considered if you are looking for anelectric trike. Experience the breeze while you enjoy the ride.
Jayne McCafferyJayne McCaffery
19:05 21 May 20
A friendly business with a great owner. He was so helpful, answered all questions and we had great follow up service. Would definitely recommend. So many comments when I am out on it. I am an 87 year old so this is fun for all ages.
Joanne BlaauboerJoanne Blaauboer
20:38 17 Mar 20
Love our eTrike! My husband decided that due to his foot neuropathy, it was not safe for him to drive anymore. We looked into a stable vehicle with hand controls and we found the eTrike. It has given him back his freedom and put a whole new level of fun into our lives! Having the eTrike company so close (Tyrone Mall) and the owner, Nick, being so willing to help us with any questions has made this a great experience. My husband gets to experience areas that he could never walk to, so it is also a great "off road" vehicle! Thank you, Nick!!
peggy wheelerpeggy wheeler
20:55 11 Jan 20
Bought it from John @ Finish Line Scooters in St Petersburg FL. You can pretty much use it anywhere just don't try to go to Disney World with it. It's too long per their new rules. It was great to have when we went to Disney Springs. We take it inside grocery stores, movie theaters and pretty much anywhere. This scooter is made so well. I will recommend it to anyone looking for a safe reliable way to assist a loved one.
Eric OlsonEric Olson
22:33 08 Jan 20
My son and I rented a pair of bikes at Tyrone Mall. So much fun rolling along the Pinellas Trail! (I've got a really bad knee and am considering buying one.) The guys at the American Legion really thought it was cool. Lots of folks with busted up knees there, haha! I could see mall cops and festivals using these a lot, too.
Starr ThompsonStarr Thompson
23:44 02 Jan 20
My first experience with an E-Trike was through a day rental. Within an hour I knew I had to own one. I live in the very bike friendly beach town of Santa Barbara and often saw these bright, fast bikes zipping past me on the street. Once I tracked down where they were coming from, I rented one for an hour. I was instantly returned to my childhood joy at the freedom I had when I would take off on my grandmothers pedal bike. One of the best things about this three wheeled trike is that it is electric!I purchased my gently used E-Trike from that same hourly rental company two years ago and have loved it ever since. Even though it was operated daily as part of an hourly rental fleet, I have had almost zero problems with it. I use it for all my trips to bank, post office and grocery shopping as well as Saturday trips to the farmers market. I have a two seat model that allows me to bring along family and friends and even my dog. Parking is a breeze and I love the waves, smiles and hoots I get from people I pass. In my city I know a number of others who also are E-Bikers who happily give each other the ‘thumbs up’ when we spy one another out and about.The E-trike company has continued to up grade their models to allow for more powerful motors as well as options like sun shades and even on board solar panel. I plan to purchase my next bike within a few months and look forward to enjoying it even on rainy days, listening to my favorite music and charging my phone as I effortlessly take care of my business about town.I love my E-Trike
Bev ThoresonBev Thoreson
19:00 07 Dec 19
I love my Etrike. It is so much fun riding around my complex and I have even driven it to work on the sidewalks. I recommend taking a look at them and even buying one. You won’t be disappointed. Nick has even come out to help fix a minor problem.
Linn SennottLinn Sennott
00:48 13 Nov 19
Friend and I rented an e Trike for 2 hours to ride on Pinellas Trail and visit the Veterans Memorial Park. A delightful outing. Enjoyed ourselves tremendously. The lady in the Trike shop was so helpful. Suggest wearing a hat that can be secured if you are going to ride in the sun. Trike has plenty of storage room for essentials that you wish to carry. A "no effort" outing to see some of the wonders of our city. Access the Trail via the bridge beside Cobb Theatre.

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