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Electric Trikes for Adults are part of a growing trend popping up in urban jungles, retirement communities and business sectors. As America starts to shift from gas powered vehicles to electric vehicles, our electric trikes for sale are right sized vehicles for the task at hand. Start replacing car trips with electric micro mobility options like electric bikes, eTrikes, and electric scooters. eTrikeCo’s blog has a little more information about electric trikes being part of the future of transportation.

We are America’s top electric trike supplierOur wide variety of trike scooters stand up to the task for weekend warriors looking for a park adventure, everyday commuters that have no car or businesses that need high quality, low maintenance electric scooters. Our range of electric trike scooters are sure to not disappoint. Along with our great three wheel electric scooters, expect top notch customer service. We are here to keep the wheels on your three wheel scooter turning at all times.   

If you are considering an eBike or golf cart, there is good reason to consider an electric trike scooter for adults. Typically, an electric three wheel scooter is a lot less in cost than a golf cart with more places to ride and park because of its smaller footprint. Battery range (30-50 miles) and speed (18mph-28mph) is going to be very similar to golf carts and eBikes. Weight capacity can range from 300 pounds to 600 pounds depending on which three wheel moped for adults you choose. eBikes can be similar in price or a little less expensive. eBikes typically lack comfortable seating, passenger options and storage. All of our passenger and mobility scooters have passenger seats and lots of storage. Our sport and performance 3 wheel electric scooters are designed with maximum allowed speed of 28mph, comfortable seating and plenty of thrill. If you need even more space, our cargo & utility options are a good choice. 

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