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Affiliate Marketing

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eTrikeCo is the leading electric tricycle supplier in the United States. We are proud to be the first and longest established US company dedicated to the research, development and testing of high-quality electric sport, passenger and cargo eTrikes. Our goal is to help in the reduction of harmful carbon emissions from tailpipe exhaust in gas powered vehicles. While three wheels have mostly been associated with seniors or people with disabilities, the fact is that eTrikeCo serves a wide range of riders of all abilities and needs. Retirees wanting to replace one of their vehicles, seniors cruising to the clubhouse, urbanites with little space and little commute, families wanting weekend entertainment, couples replacing local car trips for eTrike trips, clean energy advocates, and much more.
Businesses are seeing the benefits of electric tricycles by helping reduce expensive gas-powered fleet costs, reducing workplace pollution and reducing space. If you see our vision and align with our goals, we may be interested in working with you as an affiliate marketer. It’s a great way to use your network to make commissions in something you believe in!



Do you have you an ecommerce website where you are generating sales already? Or working on setting up new ecommerce website? If so, eTrikes could be a good fit for your ecommerce business to generate additional revenue in the electric mobility space.


Are you the publisher of an electric vehicle, senior caregiver, green technology, business blog or newswire? Provide additional value to your readers by introducing them to products that align with their lifestyle.


Have you purchased an eTrike from us already and now your entire network is asking where you got it and how they can get one? If this is you, start your side gig by applying for the eTrikeCo Affiliate Marketing program.


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