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Electric trikes for adults

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Electric Trikes for Adults

You came to the right place to buy electric trikes for adults. We have a wide selection of electric trikes for sale that range in price and capabilities. Our lineup includes passenger & mobility, sport & performance, & cargo & utility light electric vehicles. All of our adult trikes are throttle operated only, except our ETR40 with pedal assist for those that prefer operating their eTrike in pedal assist mode. We do not specialize in folding electric trikes for seniors and adults or recumbent e trikes. All are upright riding position.


eTrikeCo’s electric mobility scooters are similar in operating category to eBikes and two wheel electric scooters. Many of our models do not require a license, registration or insurance to operate. Our electric trike scooters have speeds of 18mph-28mph and lithium battery ranges from 30-65 miles. Plug into any standard 110 US wall outlet to charge. Operate on residential streets up to 30 miles per hour, bike lanes, and bike trails in most jurisdictions. Electric three wheelers are extremely diverse in their functionality with storage and/or passenger capabilities.


Why an ElectricTrike

eTrikeCo’s lithium battery-powered electric trikes for adults are perfect for the urban jungle. Quiet electric motor to help reduce noise pollution. No stinky gas or messy oil changes. Minimal maintenance with more time riding. Thanks to their compact size, eTrikes let you squeeze into spaces, ride through traffic, and easily park anywhere. Not to forget about the countryside either because our electric trike scooters perform well on compact natural surfaces like gravel, sand, dirt and grass. When you get low on juice, just plug in, and you’re ready for another spin.


An electric trike scooter is a great choice even if you are not a senior. Most of eTrikeCo’s models can offer extra seating and more storage for bags compared to a bicycle. Plus the stability of an electric mobility scooter is greater. Replacing car trips is very possible with our range of electric trikes for adults. We care about the safety of our riders ensuring we meet all US safety standards. You will find the minimal maintenance trike a great option for all ages and needs.


Pick an electric trike scooter that works for you from our range of options. Shop eTrikeCo today!

Shop eTrikeCo Electric Trikes for Adults Worry Free

Our electric trikes for adults & seniors are perfect for getting around town or commuting to work with ease. You won’t need as much parking space, and you won’t have to stress over rising gas prices. And since our trike scooters run on batteries, you only need to charge it at regular intervals. Investing in an electric trike is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Our eTrikes are built to last, are affordable, and are easy to maintain. We do not carry the cheapest electric trike on the market but the quality is superior. 

We strive to provide electric trikes for adults that require very little maintenance. Regular maintenance includes blowing up your tires and charging your lithium battery.  Thats it! Plug in, charge up and go hassle free. Should anything go wrong with your electric mobility scooter within the first two years, although very unlikely, we have you covered on the most expensive parts. Regardless of where you are at in your eTrike journey, we are happy to help. eTrikeCo is a company you can trust and will not leave you hanging when you need us most. Our goal is to provide top notch service and support along with high quality electric mobility scooters for seniors. Since we are a small business, and do not heavily advertise, we rely on our happy customers’ referrals. The only way we can do this is by providing top notch customer support and high quality trike scooters!

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Together for Change

Going green is easier than you think. As opposed to driving a car, which produces 4.6 metric tons of CO2 in addition to methane and nitrous oxide (N2O), opting to use an e-bike or electric trike scooter is a great way to reduce these pollutants.

There is no escaping the carbon footprints we leave, but we can do our bit to help reduce them by taking small steps like replacing a few car trips each week. 

Join eTrikeCo electric trikes in the fight for climate change.

Frequently Asked Electric Trike Questions

Q: Who are eTrikes for?

A: eTrikes may be operated by persons 16years or older. Generally, adults and seniors ages 55+ are finding our electric trikes to work best for local transportation. Small business, municipalities and government agencies are discovering electric tricycles to be a great golf cart alternative.

Q: Why own an eTrike?

A: Aside from being awesome, eTrikes are great to own:

  • If you want an easy, simple and eco-friendly way to travel around your town with no gas or insurance needed and minimal maintenance. Most models do not require a drivers license or registration to operate. 
  • If you need mobility assistance – our ETR100, ETR300 ETR500HTmodels can be used as OPDMD (Other Powered Driven Mobility Devices). 
  • If you live in an area where parking or traffic congestion are issues and want a more efficient, yet stable way to get around.
  • If your business needs to reduce transportation costs, downsize vehicles for more space, indoor transportation and/or reduce carbon footprint.

A: At the present time, eTrikes must generally follow the same rules and regulations as pedal bikes, eBikes and eScooters. eTrikes are not permitted on highways, interstates, and major roads with speed limits higher than 30 miles per hour unless a bike lane is present.  

Q: What surfaces can eTrikes be driven on?
A: eTrikes are best suited for flat, hard compact surfaces such as bike lanes, paved bike paths, roads and sidewalks. eTrikes can also safely be ridden on hard compact natural surfaces like dirt, sand, gravel and grass.
Q: What is the mileage range on a full battery?

A: eTrikes can travel 30- 65 miles on a full charge depending on the tricycle.

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