Battery-Powered Electric Tricycles

Electric Trikes Designed for Adults

eTrikeCo’s mission is to reduce the world’s carbon footprint through pollution-free transportation. We offer a variety of electric trikes and bicycles that are stylish, affordable, and good for the planet. Our products are designed to serve riders of all ages and abilities. They’re tough enough to handle any type of terrain and there’s no special licensing required! Plus, most standard eTrike models qualify as ADA mobility devices, so no adventure is off limits. Not quite ready to buy? Visit us for a test ride! Electric trike rentals are available at our St. Petersburg, FL showroom. We also offer financing opportunities online through Affirm and in-store through Synchrony, that allow you to pay as you go. Shop eTrikeCo online or visit a showroom to browse all electric trikes for sale.

We are confident that there is an electric tricycle for sale that suits your lifestyle and budget. Depending on model, eTrikes come equipped with a 30- 50-mile driving range with rechargeable battery, and can drive up to 18 -28 miles-per-hour! Plus, all standard safety features are included: turn signals, lights, horn, alarm and mirrors. The best part is, every eTrike comes with a guaranteed one-year full warranty. Shop with us and take your new electric trike  just about anywhere.

Our electric trikes are ideal for work and play – they’re perfect for businesses seeking affordable, eco-friendly transportation. If you are looking for a wholesale electric scooter supplier, eTrikeCo has you covered. Call now to learn more about our wholesale pricing and special offers.

Go Where There Are No Limits!

Our eTrikes can drive on roads, bike lanes, walking paths, and even sidewalks. Take your new electric trike on a cruise down the boardwalk, through the mall, or for a stroll around the neighborhood. With eTrikeCo, you will be able to explore a new, brighter side of life without limits.

At eTrikeCo, we love to travel. The best part about our trikes is you can take them with you! Imagine driving your eTrike through one our nation’s most beautiful national parks or famous landmarks. Experience the Sequoia National Forest in comfort and style. Take a trip to Yellowstone National Park and experience the natural hot springs and amazing wildlife. Travel to Montana to see the ancient glaciers, frozen rivers, and breathtaking sunsets.

Whether you choose a magnificent mountain vista or a crystal clear coastal scene, your electric tricycle will give you the freedom to explore and experience our world in a new and exciting way, all while doing something wonderful for our amazing planet. What are you waiting for? Start shopping electric trikes for sale today!