Electric Trike Supplier

Electric Trike Supplier

As others scramble to compete, eTrikeCo has been perfecting it.

With thousands of eTrikes sold across the US, and tens of thousands of field hours in operation, eTrikeCo lithium vehicles is a proven leader in the electric micro mobility space. Powered by advanced Samsung SDI Lithium Technology, eTrikeCo was not only the first to bring lithium performance eTrikes but we set the bar for battery life, cost of operation and efficiency too. Our batteries are light and compact but pack a powerful punch. Others have tried to catch up, but the numbers speak for themselves

What it takes to be #1

Performance that’s Proven

eTrikeCo is dedicated to developing high quality tricycles. We have developed and tested various materials and components over the years and will continue to invest a lot of hours in R&D. eTrikeCo is a brand you can trust and rely on. We believe in quality over quantity and are building our foundation with our customers front of mind. All of our eTrikes go through rigorous testing procedures including suspension and frame strength, motor power, battery range, and controller efficiency. eTrikeCo opened its doors in 2018 and with thousands of eTrikes on the road, eTrikeCo has never had to replace a faulty battery or motor and has only had to replace 2 controllers. It is performance that’s proven. An average of 4.9 star reviews and lots more happy customers, it’s what we worked hard to achieve and will continue to do. 25% of our sales are referral based because it’s performance that proven. Our customers love their eTrikes and our eTrikes are getting the job done for our customers! Shop eTrikeCo and find out for yourself!
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