Low Speed Electric Vehicles for
Facility Management

EV’s for facilities 

eTrikeCo’s low speed electric vehicles for facilities management takes the hassle out of facility maintenance. If you’ve considered traditional UTV’s, golf carts, and other gas-powered vehicles, let us introduce you to the new wave of affordable, high-quality and eco-friendly transportation. Electric utility & passenger vehicles from eTrikeCo are ideal for getting around large industrial facilities, construction sites, shipyards, stadiums and resorts. Our low speed electric vehicles do not require fuel or oil and are usable indoors due to their lack of emissions. eTrikes are agile enough to fit through doorways, hallways and other tight spaces – making them even more versatile. The ETR300, ETR500HT, and ETR300U are our most popular models for this market. Our ETR300U is capable of cooling and heating the cargo box.

Electric cargo van for facilities

Play Video about Three wheel micro electric cargo van parked in a parking space
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