Industrial Cargo Trikes

Electric Warehouse Vehicles

Looking for a new solution for transportation around your industrial facility or warehouse? If you’ve considered traditional UTV’s and other gas-powered vehicles, let us introduce you to the new wave of affordable and eco-friendly transportation.

Industrial cargo trikes from eTrikeCo are ideal for getting around large industrial facilities, construction sites, shipyards and more. Our fully electric warehouse vehicles do not require fuel or oil and are usable indoors due to their lack of emissions. Not only that, eTrikes are small and agile enough to fit through standard doorways – making them even more versatile.

At eTrikeCo, our products are designed to offer superior mobility and convenience that holds up to wear and tear. Plus, electric trikes are easy to re-charge and don’t require the additional cost of gas. Other competitors cannot provide such a sustainable solution due to their high cost of maintenance and repair. 

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All of our industrial cargo trikes are built to last for both indoor and outdoor use. With a heavy hauling capacity and a durable design, you can trust our eTrikes to handle any job or condition.

Each eTrike comes with 1-2 built-in storage buckets that are ideal for holding tools and supplies. They can drive for a range of 30-50 miles, with a maximum climbing capacity of 30 degrees. All eTrikes include headlights, taillights, turn signals, and a horn as standard equipment, with extra equipment available for a small additional charge.

Plus, there are no requirements for special licensing or insurance, so there’s never any hidden costs or fees.


Why choose an electric warehouse vehicle from eTrikeCo? Our products offer better performance than most traditional UTVs – all at a lower cost! Our fully dynamic industrial cargo trikes can travel so many more places than a UTV or a golf cart can, and require minimal maintenance and storage space.  This makes them much more convenient to use in industrial settings.

In addition, eTrikes are affordable and eco-friendly. Compared to gas and diesel UTVs, electric motors require less overall power, and are less mechanically complex – resulting in a lower overall purchase price. Our industrial trikes are much less expensive than fuel powered UTVs. And with zero emissions, your company will produce a smaller environmental footprint.