Electric Scooters for Handicapped Adults

Motorized Mobility Scooters

Nearly 7 million Americans use mobility vehicles to help them move freely without compromising their health and safety. If you are shopping for a new device, then you are probably wondering where you can find the best option at an affordable price. Ideally, the vehicle of your choice prevents serious falls and encourages independence. Being constricted in your everyday activities can be extremely burdensome – that is why the creators of eTrikeCo designed our line of electric scooters for handicapped adults.

eTrikeCo was founded as a result of CEO Nick Smith’s dream to develop a sustainable form of transportation for those with disabilities. Not only are eTrikes easy to operate, they are also built to last. While most motorized mobility scooters have a driving range of 15 miles, our electric trikes can drive up to 50 miles on a single charge. Plus, they are pollution-free and easy to “refuel”. All you need to do is recharge the battery, and your eTrike will be ready to hit the road. 

ADA Compliance


All standard eTrike models are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), allowing you to go just about anywhere. All models also come equipped with standard features, including armrests, multiple storage options, headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and a horn to help you navigate traffic and drive safely at night. Plus, many of our products are designed to seat two passengers, so you can bring your friends and family along for the ride! 



  • No insurance, registration or licensing is required to operate
  • ADA compliant vehicles are readily available
  • Three wheels provide stable balance
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Narrow frame (30 in wide) fits in standard doorways & tight spaces
  • Maintenance is easy and inexpensive
  • Equipped with headlight, taillights, turn signals, horn and mirrors
  • 35-50 mile battery range on one single charge
  • Seats one to two people
  • Charges using a standard household plug
  • Provides mobility for non-drivers
  • Eco-friendly (battery powered)